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Licensing 101

Licensing Consultation and Practice Building Coaching

Hi, I’m Madeline

and I am here to help you.

I have spent years working with the military utilizing my license in multiple states while on federal property.  However, I was told our contract was changing and now we had to have a license in the state we worked in.  Well, I was working in 10 states as my position was supporting a region versus a state.  If I wanted to keep my position, I would have to be licensed in all of them and quick. Therefore, I had to figure out this multi-state licensure quick. Unfortunately, when it comes to licensure, we do not exactly have any say in that time table. 

I learned quickly that some state licensing was easy while others were a bit more challenging.  Some states required more schooling or taking another national exam, and some were just impossible.  I had one state tell me I had to start over and get a different degree.  That is when I learned what a deal breaker was!

After, I applied to multiple states I started to acquire the state licensures.  I received some quicker than others, but every state minus the one I mentioned above I was licensed in.  Turns out that my company lost the contract to my travel position, and I was unsure if I was going to be offered another position. This is when I leaned into this concept of an online private practice.

I did end up getting a position, but since I acquired all these licenses, I decided to start an online practice (before the COVID world of telehealth).

Within two months, I had a full practice working with EAPs and Insurance.  (Yes, some insurances did approve telehealth before COVID.). I was excited to fall into a successful multi-state practice where I could quit my full-time job and work at my leisure and even while traveling.

After finding this freedom for myself, it led me to be passionate about helping others determine they can do this too.  With a multi-state practice, you can find more of your ideal clients, more self-pay clients, and more freedom in your life!  I love helping others find this Freedom!