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Multi-State Licensing 101

You can expand your practice into the practice of your dreams by expanding beyond your state and expanding to a multi-state practice with only your ideal clients!

By expanding to a multistate practice, you can have the freedom to make more money and expand your reach to your ideal clients. By moving into places that your ideal client lives, you can have new experiences in the therapy room that excite you for what is ahead for you as a clinician. You can also expand the places that you can go without restriction of seeing clients which gives you more time for travels as you work.
Why wait for the freedom in the practice you want?

It is your time to find the success in your practice by being inspired to go after your dreams.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to connect with other people in the same stage of business. You are given the opportunity to connect with them and build community while being motivated to move to the next phase of your business. You will also have access to ask questions of an expert that has been where you are. You will be taught a systemized process that you can repeat over and over to find the freedom and success you are looking for in your practice.

By the end of this course, you will have defined and submitted applications to the states that make sense to expand to. You will have spreadsheets and documents that will help with the expansion and the next steps once you are licensed in the new state!

Are you ready for the freedom of building your practice to be the practice of your dreams? Let’s make those dreams a REALITY!

The Course at a Glance:


Pitfalls and Deal Breakers
In this module, we will identify what are the pitfalls and deal breakers that we need to consider in eliminating some of the states.


What State?
In this module, we will identify what state(s) make the most sense for you to expand in.


Regulations and Scripts for Common Questions to Ask of the Board
In this module, we will look at the regulations of the potential new state to make sure it is still the RIGHT state.


In this module, we are going to look at the keys parts of our application to determine how we are going to apply, what we need, and how to request all the components for licensure in this state.


Application Submission
In this module, we will be working through the application and ensuring we have done all the things required to be licensed within the new state(s).


Next Steps
In this module, we will discuss all the things to be successful in the new state such as marketing, business types, insurance, and billing.

In just 6 weeks, You can have those applications completed and be waiting for that License to Arrive. In the meantime, we can get your business ready to be a MULTI- STATE PRACTICE.

While we wait, we will get your dream practice ready to be marketed so we can start living with the freedom of defining our own choice!


Can’t I do this on my own?

Yes, you most definitely can do this on your own.  However, it can be overwhelming to interpret all the things that you need for licensure and to consider whether or not it really fits into your life.  I have had many clinicians tell me that they want to expand into other states and they begin to look things up and give up as they are overwhelmed by all that it requires.

This course will give you the accountability to tackle the overwhelming process of licensure while also giving you access to someone that has done this many times within many different states. You will be given a process and simplified check lists to assist you in getting the licensure application submitted.

In addition to the licensure, you will be receiving tips on the next steps once you receive your licensure that will save you time.  I will teach you the things that worked and didn’t work which will save you time as you launch into a new state.

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JOIN THE Multistate Licensing 101 WAITLIST